Thank you. If your provider believes the bogus story and activates the new SIM card, the scammer — not you — will get all your text messages, calls, and data on the new phone. They are keen to retain their existing customers. So imagine that your cell phone suddenly stops working: no data, no text messages, no phone calls. We all have to learn to be on the defense when it comes to identity theft. The vulnerability works by using a piece of software called S@T Browser, which is part of the SIM Application Toolkit (STK) that many phone operators use on their SIM cards. If the target opens the message, hackers can use the code to surveil them by spying on their calls and messages and even tracking their location. Be careful where you enter your login details for any account you use. Needless to say, I have since changed all my social media and email passwords again. Here is an example of how you might use an authenticator app with your online banking. The best way you can protect yourself is to add a PIN to your cell phone account. they need a photo ID/Driver License to be able to make some transactions", Ah, Identity thieves are smart, they plan ahead and more than likely have that missing birth certificate you looked everywhere for but never could find. On an iPhone, go to Settings > Cellular > SIM PIN. If you mean the checkbox that says remember login info, that's saved on the local computer. Comments and user names are part of the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) public records system, and user names also are part of the FTC’s computer user records system. Now they have their decoy (a fall guy/girl) go to the DMV and get a new driver license with their picture (no worries because it's not them/the thief) so they can use & pick-up money or items they will now steal & charge against you. Simjacker is a technical attack which exploits vulnerabilities in software used by phone carrier companies. Or something you are — like a scan of your fingerprint, your retina, or your face. You just cut across the gold “chip” to render its contents unusable. With the rise in mobile account access and 2FA for security, SIM card swapping is a growing security risk. No problems so far, but your advice will save me frustration, time and money. I use a PIN and my fingerprint as a backup in case I forget my pin. Catering the socializing needs of over 700m users, Instagram is amongst the largest fastest growing social networks. Please confirm your email address in the email we just sent you. Here's how to stop it. There is a slogan from a commercial which began sometime in the 1970's, where Smokey the Bear says, "Only you can prevent forest fires." On an iPad, go to Settings > Mobile Data > SIM PIN. Examples include your contact number and the names and numbers of others on your contacts list. All of this is preventable, and only you can do it. These days, competition isn’t so aggressive. COVID-19 clinical trial: real or fake? If you are, you will doubtless wonder what to do with your current handset’s SIM card. To protect against SIM attacks you should also set up some protections on your SIM card. We will not post comments that do not comply with our commenting policy. Please I implore you, do not fall victim! Don't be afraid to pass along information. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself from a SIM card swap attack: If you think a scammer has your information — like your Social Security, credit card, or bank account number — go to to see the specific steps to take. 5 Tips to Protect Yourself From This Scam, how to encrypt and set a SIM card lock on any mobile device, reasons smartphones are more secure than dumb phones, How to SIM Unlock Your Android Smartphone or Tablet, Google Shopping to Offer Price Comparison to Help You Find Deals, The 7 Most Unique Smart Lighting Products for Your Home, 4 Reasons Why You Don't Need a Laptop Anymore, 3 Ways to Get Your Rooted Android Phone Back to Stock, Twitter Is Encouraging Early Voting in the US, 10 Useful Tips to Reduce Mobile Data Usage and Save Money, How to Install Windows Software Without the Bundled Junk, How to Rip an Entire DVD to Your Hard Drive: 6 Simple Steps, 7 Underground Torrent Sites for Getting Uncensored Content, FuboTV Adds Simultaneous Channel Watching on Apple TV, How To Install and Code Python on Android With Pydroid 3, Discord Brings Animated Stickers to Chats, How to Fix the 'DNS Server Not Responding' Error to Get Back Online, 6 Websites to Watch the Best TV Commercials and Print Ads of All Time, Is the PlayStation Camera for PS4 Worth It? We will not post comments that do not comply with our commenting policy. But your SIM card can be a source of security vulnerabilities too. I'm surprised, appalled actually that there is no recourse with the phone provider who violated the customers privacy by establishing ownership of the account. Finally, consider what methods of two-factor authentication you use. The sites have to store the password, generally in encrypted form, so they are not easily used by hackers without some sort of decryption. And they could change the passwords and lock you out of your accounts. I will NEVER mention my safe deposit box or take anyone with me when I go to add or remove items from it. Another SIM card security issue you may have heard of is SIM card swapping. Simjacker and SIM swap attacks both target SIM cards, but they do so in different ways. The thing about SIM cards is that they contain a lot of personal information. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself from a SIM card swap attack: Don’t reply to calls, emails, or text messages that request personal information. Type your name and password as usual. Then picture getting an unexpected notification from your cellular provider that your SIM card has been activated on a new device. THIS WAS MY SOLUTION: ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, ex-spouse, ex-roommates, even family members or co-workers, etc.) For more advice and instructions on setting up a SIM PIN, see our article on how to encrypt and set a SIM card lock on any mobile device. I'd also suggest that your debit/credit card not be stored, your account number, address, etc. Also, make sure your answers to password recovery questions aren't publicly available, such as your mother's maiden name. This has two effects. Some two-factor authentication services will send an SMS message to your device with an authentication code. Kind of hard to pull off since cell phone providers and their affiliated networks require pin# before they do as much as give out the time of day. And you may not even know you're a target until it's too late. The only clue that something was wrong, was the text from ATT stating my account password had been changed. It saves me time and remembering passwords as well as adding a level of security. Don't reuse old passwords or use the same password on multiple accounts. So they're victimized twice. Most people, however, are more familiar with the 2FF SIM card, known more readily as the Regular SIM card. Not true . They did it to me as well, without using a pin. I am hopeful the the service providers would use more caution before swapping SIMs. I will NEVER let the safe deposit key out of my possession or talk to anyone about it. Then enter your existing PIN to confirm, and the SIM lock will be activated. And they may even be able to lock you out of other accounts. Many of those "er's" I am not even a member of and probably never will be, but you can be certain, when the FTC sends me a heads-up email, I will definitely pass along the information to my loved ones. They'll say they want to upgrade to a new device and therefore need a new SIM. For extra security, throw the remains in different trash cans! This information will make it easier to convince a customer support agent that they are you. they did it to me. protect the personal information on your phone, keep your personal information secure online, US Commerce Department's National Institute of Standards and Technology. Some will even pay you money for your old cards! It's very hard to get back. The cell phone companies al pretend that this is not an issue. Imagine how you would feel if it was your children’s photos! But you say "Wait! SCARY. They often have innovative new features which our existing handsets don’t contain. If so, you might wish to consider a greener alternative: recycling! Just tell the wireless providers to tell their customers to come in and change this info and bring the old phone, new phone and ID. SIM card swapping is hard to protect against. But they seldom spend as much money doing so in 2015! I don’t know about you, but I get bored of the smartphone I have after 12 months of ownership!

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