Richard and the guys then quickly consume the pastries, letting what they think is cream run down their faces (and commenting on it being warm) and Richard pours other amounts down into his mouth and gargles with it, while another guy saying that he's had them before (based on the taste). They then get sick and we see a great deal projectile vomiting that sprays onto Jeannie (we see even more during the outtakes during the end credit roll). A smart student complains to Van that a high GPA doesn't "get you laid." Not the Martha Stewart kind who tell you what kind of tables to rent and Japanese lanterns to buy, mind you. The most popular kid on campus meets a beautiful journalist who makes him realize that maybe he’s afraid to graduate. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Richard plays croquet where he has the fraternity pledges serving as the wickets. Hutch then worriedly states that he put his mouth on his "c*ck pump." We also see a male student coming up from Richard's lap in a car (a joke about gay oral sex). We see various fraternity pledges in their underwear during some sort of hazing activity. Taj says that a night of fun and fornication is upon them. As Van goes to talk a jumper out of jumping from a roof, we see his bare butt (several times) as he stands there, fully dressed up top, but nothing on from the waist down. People in movies are no longer allowed to fuck 13-year-old girls (thank you very much, Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996), but fortunately for all of us, those who fuck unconscious girls still have representation. Various people drink at a party, including Richard, while Van shows up with a bottle of wine. SEX/NUDITY Sex/Nudity Free distribution of condoms is a common practice at many universities as well, including condom delivery services at schools like Boston University, Brown University. Curious if this title is entertaining, any good, and/or has any artistic merit? One kid says that what they're drinking "tastes like sh*t" and asks if they have some scotch. We see a young woman in very tight pants straddling Van and making out with him. Van, Hutch and Taj extract cream from some pastries and then fill them with dog semen that they retrieve from their bulldog. BLOOD/GORE He hits one ball and we hear it hit one of them, and he then hits one of the pledges in the gut with his mallet and another ball strikes one of the pledges (half buried in the ground) in the crotch. Van's father is disappointed in him and states that he's the worst investment he made. "NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VAN WILDER" FERPA specifically relates to student records and privacy, and makes it clear that student disciplinary records are protected information that require the student’s consent to release, except in very specific cases: A postsecondary institution may disclose to an alleged victim of any crime of violence or non-forcible sex offense the final results of a disciplinary proceeding conducted by the institution against the alleged perpetrator of that crime, regardless of whether the institution concluded a violation was committed. Taj has a young woman in his room who lies sensuously on his bed and he tells her that he longs to rub her the right way. Change ). Richard hazes some fraternity pledges by making them stand blindfolded in just their underwear, fooled into believing they're going to have to step down into some broken glass (that they've heard being broken), when in reality they're just going to step down onto some snack chips to scare them. He also uses some profanity. Once he moves on top of her, he says that he's hot and burning up (causing her to enthusiastically agree). "Vaginal discharge" (as a name for someone), "Holy crap," "Shot to hell," "Babes" (women), "If he's here, who's running hell?" This notably fits Van’s displayed skill set of planning and executing large-scale events, such as athletic-based fundraisers and intricate parties. Van and his friends come up with the idea for "topless tutors" (to make money) where attractive women (from a strip club) bare their breasts to male students while tutoring them, and we see various shots of such women's bare breasts (and the young male students staring at them) and one with a great deal of cleavage. He uses some strong profanity and assists Van in his various schemes. Some people drink in a strip club. He then adds (in voice over narration) that "Suckme" (or something sounding like that for the woman's name) might be a little old, but that she's "damn good." Violence Mild Music(Inappropriate) The school newspaper editor states that a former reporter wrote his best material while in detox. Minor However, when she later goes looking for Van’s official transcript, another administrator stonewalls her, saying that divulging that information would be illegal. Tagline: Don't graduate. She then bends over and lets out a very loud fart that blows a great deal of gas over them. Then read OUR TAKE of this film. Jeannie tells Gwen about her and Richard having sex (saying they "bumped uglies") and adds that it was the best 10 seconds ever. JumpScenes He then says that she's great at "these quick jobs" and that there's no substitute for decades of experience. According to the National Fire Protection Association, 87% of reported dormitory fires have explicitly involved cooking equipment, but candles are also cited as a leading cause of accidental fires in dorms. Other gems: the closest thing to a money shot I've seen in a mainstream film. He then says that she's great at "these quick jobs" and that there's no substitute for decades of experience. ga('require', 'displayfeatures'); Richard calls Gwen and tells her that he needs her to help release some pressure. ( Log Out /  A miscellaneous man is twice seen with a cigar. Brent Goldberg and David T. Wagner. He then states, "Just to make it clear, Gwen, I'm referring to intercourse." Gwen asks if she can put one around Van's neck, and he replies as long as they cuddle afterwards. Gwen finds Van ready to participate in a naked race (we see various men in their underwear). *None Van then tells Taj that he doesn't need that, but instead should use candles, massage oil and Barry White. ‘Run. Later, when she brings this up again while wearing a sarong of sorts, she suggestively tells him that she's not wearing any underwear. Comedy: After his father cuts off his tuition money, a popular, 7-year college student must figure out how to raise the money needed to stay in school. After spinning around and around with a woman on roller skates, Taj goes flying across the rink and flips over the side rail. He hits one ball and we hear it hit one of them, and he then hits one of the pledges in the gut with his mallet and another ball strikes one of the pledges (half buried in the ground) in the crotch. After some young school kids have been snuck into one of Van's parties and given liquor, we then see a great deal of projectile vomiting coming from both sides of a bus. Richard and his friends arrange for some young school kids to be snuck into one of Van's parties and then get them drunk. MUSIC (SCARY/TENSE) A kid shoots a spitball that hits Jeannie. Richard occasionally makes anus-related comments, such as in one scene where he talks about an infected anal cavity. Van tells Gwen that you can tell a lot about people by the drawers (underwear) they wear. Van goes into the women's locker room to talk to Gwen and we see various young women in various stages of undress. We occasionally see a student called the "sick boy" who has blisters (or something similar all over his face) in one scene, and what looks like an enormous goiter on his neck in another. CAST AS ROLE MODELS: Smoking A short while after consuming it (and loudly belching), he starts to have all sorts of intestinal distress. Gwen catches site of Van posing nude for an art class (we see him from the side and thus see the side of his bare butt, but a bowl of fruit blocks our view of his crotch). Ultimately, Reid’s character steals Van’s record after setting off a fire alarm. He's supporting himself on his hands and making all sorts of exaggerated sounds, comments and movements, while she appears rather bored. (2002) (Ryan Reynolds, Tara Reid) (R) Later, Van states that he was assured that canine semen is perfectly healthy. Gwen shows some cleavage. interviewed international students experienced significant problems in their coping with US education, cultural differences, and language challenges. As Van flirts with an older female administrator in an attempt to get in her good graces regarding his financial status, she suddenly becomes aroused by him, asking if he's trying to seduce her. College life and students who stay in school for many years beyond the norm. He said "piece."). She uses some strong profanity. Van then gives him a box of condoms and says, "Don't be a fool, wrap your tool." Hutch and Taj have beer at a party where others drink, and one student appears to be rather drunk. As he passes a topless woman (we see her bare back and the back of her panties), Van looks at her chest and says, "Hey guys." Taj says that a night of fun and fornication is upon them. One of the first scenes in Van Wilder shows a suicide attempt, as a student jumps from an academic building on their university campus. When they're done with the dog, they notice (and we see) that the dog's testicles are no longer enormous (with one saying all the dog needed was some TLC). Handgun: Briefly pulled by a minor character and aimed at someone (played for zany laughs). College life and students who stay in school for many years beyond the norm. Gwen apparently activates the sprinklers in an administrative office so that she can steal some of Van's records to which she had just been denied access. At least 12 "f" words (1 used sexually as are the terms "humping," "laid," "screw" and "bumped uglies"), 8 "s" words (1 written), 9 slang terms using male genitals ("c*ck," "d*ck," "porpoise," "tool" and "schlong"), 6 slang terms using female genitals ("p*ssy," "muff," "poonanny," "lotus flower" and "taco stand"), 3 slang terms for breasts ("t*t" and "jugs"), 10 damns, 7 hells, 4 asses (1 used with "hole"), 3 craps, 1 S.O.B., 5 uses of "God," 4 of "Oh my God" and 1 use each of "For God's sakes," "My God," "Oh God," "Swear to God," "By God" and "Dear God" as exclamations.

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