[21] While covering the NoNATO protests at the 2012 Chicago summit, Pool, along with four others, was pulled over by a dozen Chicago police officers in unmarked vehicles. [9] 2014 wurde er Leiter Medieninnovation und Senior-Korrespondent bei Fusion TV[10][11] Er ist Mitgründer von Tagg.ly, einer mobilen Anwendung zur Markierung von Fotos und Videos mit Wasserzeichen zum Schutz von Urheberrechten. “A lot of women want to have it all. [19][20][21], Pools Nutzung von Live-Streaming-Videos und Drohnen während der Occupy-Wall-Street-Proteste veranlassten den Guardian Tim isn't addressing it at all, Adam just posted he's not on the show, and Lydia says everything is OK. EHuntingon Gold Member. Infowars writer Paul Joseph Watson offered to pay for travel costs and accommodation for any reporter "to stay in crime-ridden migrant suburbs of Malmö. If you are having difficulty unsubscribing from our mail subscription please send an email here, REMINDER: Joe Biden Backs Surgeries Transgender Children as Young as 8, GoFundMe Removes Fundraiser For Right Wing Activist Who Got His Front Teeth Knocked Out By Antifa, The Squad Calls on UN to Investigate DHS as Human Rights Violators, VIDEO: CNN’s Van Jones Gives Credit to Trump for ‘Good Stuff He’s Done’ For ‘Black Community’, VIDEO: Nashville Police Single Out, Arrest Woman In Trump Shirt For Not Wearing Mask Outside, EXCLUSIVE: Democrat Senate Candidate Mark Kelly’s Yearbook Shows Him Dressed As Hitler, Man Almost Murdered After Flying Trump Flag On His Truck, Senate Panel Flinches At Subpoenas For Twitter, Facebook CEOs, HIGHER ED: KU Sorority Member Put On Probation for Retweeting Candace Owens, CUTIES BACKLASH: Netflix Signups Plummet With Only 177,000 New U.S. Users, Down 1.3 Million From Forecast, RON PAUL: Are Democrats Trying For 'Impeachment Or CIA Coup? 2014 kam er erneut ins Finale des Shorty Award, erreichte jedoch nicht den ersten Platz. ", "Occupy Wall Street: 'There's a militant animosity bred by direct action, "Anarchists Think Photographers And Reporters Are The "Fu*king Enemy, "Independent Journalists Detained at Gunpoint", "How Vice's Tim Pool used Google Glass to cover Istanbul protests", "Occupy Wall Street Has a Drone: The Occucopter", "Shorty Awards 2013 honors Michelle Obama, Jimmy Kimmel", "Fusion Set to Name Director of Media Innovation", "Paul Joseph Watson Comes Good On Twitter Offer To 'Investigate Malmo, Sweden, Crimes, "The man sent to 'crime-ridden' Sweden by a right-wing journalist has reported his findings", "Police dispute US journalist's claim he was escorted out of Rinkeby", "Tagg.ly Makes For Simple Watermarking of Photos on iOS", "Crowdfunding on Wefunder, SubverseNews Tops $1 Million in 22 Hours", "Tulsi Gabbard's $50M Google Lawsuit Takes a Page from the Far-Right Playbook", "Trump Invites Fringe Social Media Company Popular With Nazis to the White House", "Social media gadflies gather for airing of grievances with Trump", "Critics slam Trump 'social media summit' over far-right invitees", "Trump Dropped His 2nd Term Agenda And Any Sane Person Would Agree With It, I Now Plan To Vote Trump", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Tim_Pool&oldid=985093658, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 October 2020, at 22:30. If you are having difficulty unsubscribing from our mail subscription please send an email here [email protected], © COPYRIGHT NATIONALFILE.COM. Please enter your username or email address to reset your password. Aug 13, 2020 #73 raduque said: Where was that posted? [1] 2011 wurde er durch eine 21-stündige Marathon-Berichterstattung mittels Mobiltechnologie, sozialer Medien und Liveübertragung von den Occupy-Wall-Street-Protesten bekannt. Februar 2020 um 18:20 Uhr bearbeitet. [10][20][14] Pool was nominated as a Time 100 personality in March 2012. He is looking for a wife to raise children and be a part of a family and has some difficulty finding women who want to stay at home. The officers then told Tim Pool that it was not wise to stay there in the middle of the square and keep filming. Pool is popular for inverting the perspective of articles and videos made by liberal and conservative media. zu einem Artikel über exzessives Beobachten. “It is socially unacceptable to say that I don’t want my wife to have a job. [12], 2012 wurde Pool für die Time 100 nominiert. [18] Pool has also let his viewers direct him on where to shoot footage. There are reasons for this. Danach startete Pool eine Crowdfunding-Kampagne und wurde infolge eines Aufrufs des Infowars-Autor Paul Joseph Watson mit 2.000 $ (von 20.000 $) unterstützt, der anbot, Reise- und Unterbringungskosten für jeden Journalisten zu übernehmen, der sage, Schweden sei sicher, und „sich in die von Verbrechen heimgesuchten Migrantenvororte von Malmö begeben“ würde. [6][7], Pool grew up with three siblings in Chicago's South Side in a lower-middle-class family. Kohlhuber wurde daraufhin vorgeworfen, eine Hetzjagd veranstaltet zu haben, und Zeit-Online beendete die Zusammenarbeit. [15] Er baute eine Parrot AR.Drone zur Luftbeobachtung um und entwickelte Live-Streaming-Software zu einem System namens DroneStream weiter. [32][30][31] However, Pool alleged that he had to be escorted by police out of Rinkeby, a Stockholm suburb, due to purported threats to his safety. Presidential hopeful and former U.S. © 2019 Flyover Media, LLC – All materials contained on this site are protected by United States copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast, in whole or part, without the prior written permission of NationalFile.com. "[33] The police stated that, "When Tim Pool took out a camera and started filming a group of young people pulled their hoods up and covered their faces and shouted at him to stop filming. Nach etwa zehn Minuten wurde die Gruppe freigelassen. [26], In 2014, he joined Fusion TV as Director of Media innovation and Senior Correspondent. [19] He modified a toy remote-controlled Parrot AR.Drone for aerial surveillance and modified software for live streaming into a system called DroneStream. Pool, again, makes the point that his point of view is actually the traditional “liberal” point of view. Timothy „Tim“ Pool (geboren am 9.März 1986) ist ein US-amerikanischer Journalist. “I want someone who is going to work as hard as I do on raising a family, not half as hard,” said Pool. Pool said he, himself, prefers what was once considered traditional values in the women he seeks to date. According to Politico, Pool's "views on issues including social media bias and immigration often align with conservatives'". Share on Facebook Share on Twitter “I want a wife, not a CEO,” Tim Pool said in his recent Timcast video. [38] According to Al Jazeera, "Pool has amplified claims that conservative media endure persecution and bias at the hands of tech companies. “If a woman wants to be a CEO fine, but I am looking for someone to help me raise a family. I have work to do.” Pool said. Pool then said that society changed, and as a result, there is a problem where men don’t have money. [37] He has described himself as a social liberal who supported Bernie Sanders in 2016. I prefer slightly younger women than myself who want to stay at home. However, he followed the police who left the place." “If women weren’t making money, we wouldn’t have so many broke dudes. However, he followed the police who left the place. Anlass war ein umstrittener Kommentar von US-Präsident Donald Trump über angebliche Probleme mit Migrantenkriminalität in Schweden. Guys are passionate and driven. [34] He also co-founded the news company Subverse (Now SCNR), which raised $1 million in 22 hours via regulation crowdfunding in 2019, surpassing the previous record on Wefunder. 0. https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/timcast/tim-pool-daily-show [24], Während einer Reportage über die NONATO-Proteste beim NATO-Gipfeltreffen 2012 wurde Pool mit vier anderen Personen von einem Dutzend Chicagoer Polizeibeamter in Zivilfahrzeugen angehalten. Die Polizei begründete die Maßnahme damit, dass das Fahrzeug der Gruppe zu der Beschreibung eines gesuchten Fahrzeugs gepasst habe. “I don’t need someone who is going to be in a board meeting. [16] Er wurde des Öfteren wegen seiner Aufnahmen bedroht. Jul 30, 2013 1,598 3,824 885 Michigan ehuntington.org. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 22. Timothy „Tim“ Pool (geboren am 9. I want to take care of the family. [25] In 2013–14, as Vice correspondent, Pool covered and live streamed mass protests in Ukraine that led to collapse of the Yanukovych government. Part of the problem is that men can’t find good jobs, they are staying at home, they are not going to school, they are failing, men lack ambition.

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