The purpose of this camera was to grab as many close-ups of each of the dancers as possible. This is why we have so little evidence about ancient forms of dance, apart from some pictures, statues and literary descriptions. If you are interested in the process I used for editing my footage,  I put together a tutorial on multicam editing in Adobe Premiere over on my YouTube Channel. SHOOT !! All in all I enjoyed this experience. I also knew that I’d really need to capture good audio of the audience before, after, and sometimes during each performance. In terms of drawbacks, the sound was very poor and the music could hardly be heard in the video. In the last century though, technology has progressed so much that we can now film dance digitally with many different types of devices. This made them happy. In any case, the technology we have available today is certainly a great help to record dance, thus opening up many possibilities. Filming in front of mirrors can be a clever idea, as long as you cannot see the camera reflected in the mirror. If you are filming for promotion and props are appropriate to your genre, they are a good addition to the video as they make the movements stand out more. This is always a good choice as the quality of the video and the sound is good (although the microphone is maybe even too sensitive as, in addition to the music even if the music is loud, you can hear other noises such as the dancers breathing if they breathe a little bit more heavily than normal). Link for new shirts order today !! I’d also recommend grabbing the Manfrotto 502 Video Head. I had the stationary camera set up once again as a full wide shot, which simply shot the entire stage. This was completely new to me, but ultimately it worked out rather well. I did this because the stationary camera was never going to move, which meant the focus was never going to change. I used the 2nd camera as a “medium shot” which I used to zoom in only as far as seeing the performer’s full body (not just their face). This was the main reason I enlisted my wife to man the “super close-up” camera on night two. There must be enough space to allow you to move and the camera operator to stand at a big enough distance, so there is enough space between you and the camera to capture your whole body. This was my first time dealing with this particular type of job. I figured at the very least, I could always just fall back to that camera. As the music changes and the beat picks up, the dancer then discards the veil. A different kid on each night, in fact. In the video I posted on this page, I am dancing to Mahasin Essodaf, a song by Egyptian composer Hossam Ramzy. Without having recorded both nights, I never would have had that option. The picture of videos taken with the iPad is of good quality and so is the sound, provided that you keep the iPad near the source of the sound while filming (for my video the operator stood underneath one of the loudspeakers). In this case though, while I was technically hired to do the videography work by the dance studio, any income would come from DVD sales. This worked great for the crying kid, but not so much for the kid standing right next to her. So on the 2nd night, I had my wife man a third camera that was extremely close to the stage. In this way, for example, a skier can film while skiing down a slope at high speed the view that him/herself experiences while going down. I also offered a simple PayPal shopping cart option via this website. Having filmed my own dance, I hope the information below gives you some ideas and advice which can be helpful for filming. Learn how your comment data is processed. This is a new type of technology, which has not been used much for dance so far, but perhaps for a reason. I was able to calmly dial in all my settings, test camera angles, practice camera movements and get an overall feel for what to expect during the actual performance. In the end, I was very happy to have these close-up shots during the editing process. You, as a dancer, may want to film dance for a variety of reasons, but this article, in particular, is aimed at those of you who want to film their own dance, being it for promotion, for teaching students, for self-improvement or just to keep  a record of your performances or the choreographies you created. Every parent that ends up buying a DVD is really buying it to see their kid perform, and to have a lasting memory that can be played anytime they like. I used a Sennheiser ME66/K6 Shotgun Microphone to capture ambient audio and I was happy with the results. The following two tabs change content below. Something that now I can no longer do without is an iPod. I recently shot video and sold DVDs of a dance recital, and I thought I’d share some of the lessons learned from the experience. I was given access to the rehearsal, which was great. I knew going in that I’d be receiving a CD full of all the music that was used in each act of the recital. Usually the type of work I do is paid for as a “services rendered” type of deal (such as a wedding). In a purpose built dance studio this is not an issue. I had planned on shooting both shows just for the sake of having a lot of footage to work with, but the real blessing in disguise here was the fact that some of these performances involved some very young kids. I only had one issue with any of the parents in regards to close-up shots, but I was able to resolve it. A prop I particularly like, as a belly dancer, is the veil. When filming dance there is always the issue that the video only portrays one point of view of the dance, the one chosen by whoever recorded the dance. They are tiny cameras, that are used inside a hard transparent case which makes them resistant to impact and waterproof. If there is more than one performance of the show, definitely record all of them! Something to consider if you run into anything similar. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I know it seems crazy to suggest manual focus when shooting a live event, but hear me out. You can also have more than one, in case you have more than one camera and want to film the dance from different angles. Below I list the positive aspects and limits of each. The PayPal option was especially useful after the “in person” orders were no longer an option. Art and Drawing Dance. That stationary camera I mentioned earlier? The way I arranged to have orders placed was to mail 100 order forms to the dance studio, which they would then collect from the parents and hand to me on the night of the performance. For the show itself, there were two performances on two nights and I recorded both of them. First, I put the shotgun mic on the “super-close” camera. There are countless devices today to film dance, but I had at my disposal an HD video camera (mid-range, not professional but good enough quality), a GoPro camera (I had a GoPro Hero3+ Black edition) and an iPad. I charged $30 for “in-studio pickup” and $35 to ship the DVDs. The floor needs to be smooth, without tripping hazards and clean or at least without splinters or pieces of glass. It may not be suitable for professional film makers, but  it is good enough for a decent video to be posted on YouTube or to be shown to your students. In this case there were two shows, plus a rehearsal. If the DVD doesn’t include at least a few nice close-up shots of their kid, you are going to end up with a very unhappy customer. In the last century, some forms of dance notation were also invented, such as Labanotation, but if you are not able to read them you cannot have any idea of what the dance is like. It worked out great. Having a tripod that goes this high can really be a lifesaver. You can see I had two cameras all the way in the back and one very close to the stage. This is a bit awkward when filming dance. The super close-up camera did struggle with focusing from time to time (since it was on auto), but it didn’t much matter. I didn’t use the wide shot all that much in the final edit, but when I did use it I was very glad it was there as an option. That meant that any footage from night two was carefully cut so that as the “super close-up” camera panned towards her, I’d cut away to footage from the previous night. When filming dance, you will or may need certain items such as: A tripod is necessary if there is no one available to film you while dancing. Perhaps one would be able to film dance from different new perspectives, or strap the camera on the body of the dancer to see the movement from the mover’s point of view. This proved to be absolutely true. And generally if very young kids are involved, that almost always means that someone is going to end up crying. I only had the “super close-up” camera on night two (the night she was crying) so I had to rely on primarily footage from night one if I wanted anything with her in it. One thing I noticed when reviewing the footage from the first night was that there was a lot of sound emanating from the stage, so on night two I added two more microphones. For the most part though, this camera’s job was to get all the performers in one nice, tight shot. Up until about a hundred years ago, dance was considered an art form that was impossible to record. When filming dance there is always the issue that the video only portrays one point of view of the dance, the one chosen by whoever recorded the dance. I dialed in the focus settings before the show started and never touched the focus ring again. Thanks for reading. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I thus wondered if there was any benefit in filming dance with a GoPro. For both the stationary wide shot camera and the medium shot camera I went with manual focus (the super close-up camera was on auto focus). She was fine the night before, so I had plenty of footage of her without any crying. This particular tripod is no longer available and has since been replaced by the Manfrotto 475B Pro Geared Tripod. Next, I put a Sennheiser wireless mic on the stage itself (off the side, out of the way). there were some kids with some pretty bad stage fright. For the show itself, there we… I wasn’t able to provide that for them, but I was able to upload all three camera angles from night two on to YouTube (via an unlisted link). The parents of that kid emailed me and asked if I could provide them with a DVD that showed just one camera angle so they could see more close-ups of their kid. They can then be strapped to the body of a person (on the head or the chest for example) with specially designed harnesses.

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