This idea also intersects with the notion of identity politics, wherein the political attitudes or positions that focus on the concerns of social groups are based on varying aspects of their identity. Dan Harris pipes in "hey guys, I'm actually in that documentary!". What would’ve, would that have been an example of trafficking in the most deeply harmful tropes? The material uploaded upon this fansite belongs to its respective owner(s). The Liam Neeson Example – If you missed the news, Essentially, Liam had a friend who was raped, and according to him – he then entered a murderous state of mind where he was walking around with a “cosh” (a metal club) looking for a black guy to kill (because his friend had been raped by a black guy), Liam had said that if it had been an Italian, or a Japanese guy, he’d be “looking for one of them”, “It [the apology] has to show, intelligibly, how you are different from the person who committed that thing”, People just didn’t have the opportunity to do this before, Everyone just wants their opinion to be heard (Joe), “I try to communicate with people the same way online as I would if they were right in front of me” – Joe, “Anonymity encourages less hospitable behavior”, “Releasing this meditation app has given me a sanity check on everything else I’m doing”, Sam says it’s probably the only thing he’s ever put out where it’s been received exactly as he intended, “I’m worried that we could totally blow it with some leftist uprising” – Sam, Joe says he’s 1.6% African (so he’s much more African than she is Native American), Sam thinks it’s largely what the internet is doing to us, There’s also the effect that groups become more radicalized because the most extreme voices seem to pop up more, “It only takes a small percentage of extreme voices to overtake the rest of the group, and make it seem like the extreme voices are speaking for the group”, “Taking the red pill on free will makes you much more forgiving of a lot of this stuff” – Sam, Sam is referring to the backlash society has against actions people committed a very long time ago, Like the influence of culture – “Whatever’s getting in can change you in radical ways very quickly”, Your behavior at any point in time is the result of a cumulative force of influences and societal conditioning – whether evil behavior or good behavior, In a way then – a person’s behavior is much like a weather event. No disrespect to Joe or anything, but Sam has a PhD in Neuroscience so he does have a background in science. Sam recalls a story from a tech CEO friend: At his friend’s company, there was someone who identifies as a “furry” (he thinks he’s a cat). Whether or not Joe Rogan and Sam Harris even accept or acknowledge their roles as gate-keepers to the alt-right bears no weight to the accuracy of that claim. SECOND BEST PART: Joe: So you both have meditation apps? If this still sounds reasonable, recognize that one can simultaneously rail against the system rigged against them while doing the best they can with their current circumstances. For many, the idea that it was non-Africans walking around with traces of Neanderthal DNA, was something brought to their consciousness by Sam Harris himself. Enter your associated supporter email address to create an account. People started calling Taken actor Liam Neeson a racist. Your email address will not be published. As previously mentioned, they are both liberals and both hold morally conscientious views on many topics. It’s continually amplifying our desire for approval. However, their continued dissemination of the aforementioned ideas, act as a vehicle to provide shelter for individuals seeking refuge for the idea that any empathy for marginalized groups is simply misplaced white guilt. Dan Harris: Mine is number 1 in the App Store. Liam Neeson Controversy | Joe Rogan and Sam Harris React. Though Rogan himself was likely not intentionally behaving as a bad actor in this instance, it is almost unimaginable that an adult capable of coherent thoughts would be genuinely confused as to why it is typically seen as worse for whites to use the n-word as opposed to blacks. His podcast called “Making Sense” is available on iTunes & Stitcher. © 2017 - 2020 Dankanator. The danger from Joe Rogan and Sam Harris lies in specific views they hold and how they use it to tangentially address other issues. We  call it “instrumental violence”. And the outrage you feel when you see something on Twitter is shortening everybody’s fuse. Joe Rogan speaks with Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz. Well I think it is because their backgrounds are different. Outside of trying to, and in some cases successfully, convince minorities and other marginalized groups that their oppression is imagined, this idea has the additional side-effect of ushering a certain demographic towards more dangerous far-right and more specifically alt-right ideologies. Over the years, Harris has developed a reputation for having highly educated intellectuals on his podcast to discuss their given expertise. Like, “someone from your tribe killed my brother and now I want to kill anyone from the other tribe, no matter who. It was the salience of the “tribe” he was reacting to.

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