Only real professionals can do it right. But with numerous types of fade haircuts to choose from, the challenge can be telling your barber the exact faded cut you want! Once you are done with the braids, add a high fade to the rest of the hair. The most common way to cut a fade is with hair clippers. A tapered back and sides generally contours to the head shape; the hair progressively graduates in length from longer hair at the upper portions of the head to shorter hair at the lower edge of hair growth on the back and sides. For instance, if you have a round face, ask for faded sides and longer hair on top to elongate the face. Once you learn how to do, you’ll become the most stylish guy on the block. 25 Manliest Long Hair Fade Haircuts to Copy Now (2020 Guide), 40 Enthralling Long and Straight Hair Ombre, Most Popular Celebrity Hairstyles in 2020. 1.1 Buzz Cut Fade; 1.2 Crew Cut + Taper Fade; 1.3 Clean Comb Over Fade; 1.4 Classic Comb Over; 1.5 High and Tight Fade; 1.6 Ivy League Cut + High Fade; 1.7 Wavy Slicked Back Hair + Low Taper Fade; 1.8 Short Spiky Hair + High Taper; 1.9 Brushed Back Hair + Low Taper Fade; 1.10 Short Faux Hawk Fade; 1.11 Tapered Sides + Short Spiked Hair High fades take the hassle out of styling as long as you know what to do with the top part. They spent some time learning how to deal with their hair. By blending and fading the hair on the sides, from long at the top to short at the bottom, your barber can taper your fade cut into your neck and sideburns. Simply use hair product on your thick but short cut and comb all your hair to one side. Challenger Hair Care is an up-and-coming men's grooming and styling brand. Even more, the edges are faded out to match the rest of the haircut. Similarly, because the cut starts at the highest point on the side of your hair, the high fade haircuts also forces more contrast for a stronger look. From the basic buzz cut and crew cut to the dapper comb over and messy top, check out this gallery of neat hairstyles you can ask any barber to trim. Moreover, where you ask your barber to start your fade isn’t the only factor that affects the kind of fade you get. The fade with long hair on top can be styled asymmetrically to the side. To achieve this hairstyle, use some gel to neatly raise your hair high and then slick them down to one side. There are a variety of tapers possible from short to extra long. You can also try the popular taper fade cuts. A scissors fade is hard to make but it looks truly striking. One factor mature men often overlook is whether their hairstyle suits their face shape. Add some contrast by including a high fade to this fade with long on top hairstyle. While the hair doesn’t get into your face and stays neat longer, you can allow your imagination to run wild and come up with various styles for any occasion. Some require a lengthy styling process but look utterly fantastic. With this hairstyle, you can go everywhere looking and feeling confident. All Rights Reserved. Temp Fade Haircuts. Although any barbershop should be able to get you a regular haircut with short sides and a trimmed top, it’s also important to ask for the right cut. However, not everyone does, which makes it really tricky to use these terms. With just 2 to 3 inches of length in the front and 1 inch or so in the back, this curly hairstyle is as easy as towel-drying your curls, applying some matte or low-shine curl-enhancing cream, and walking out the door. In this regard, a temp fade haircut is the perfect way to show off your hairstyle smarts. If brushed back hair is your style, then consider leaving some length on top coupled with a low taper fade for contrast. For this hairstyle, let your hair grow to a suitable length and then slick them back using some gel and working your fingers through them. For a two in one hairstyle, ask your stylist to leave your hair long on one side and completely shaved to the skin on all the other sides. If you're serious about ... We tested the best pubic hair trimmers from the leading brands, and the results were incredible. Long fade haircuts are gaining momentum due to their versatility and great appearance. Generally, the difference between a fade and taper is that the fade haircut generally blends down to the skin while the taper still leaves some hair, albeit very short. Although most men and barbershops use the terms “taper” and “fade” interchangeably, technically, tapers and fades are different haircuts. Leave a wide strip of hair on top which goes down to the back and slick it back while raising it too. #20. And as a low-maintenance and versatile haircut that offers contrast but requires no styling, almost all the best short sides, long top hairstyles require some kind of faded or tapered cut. The taper is barely noticeable in some low fade haircuts for men. For oval or long faces, stick to a short top and avoid volume and height to prevent further lengthening of the face. Leave a front flick and include a high fade towards the side for added perfection. The sideburns and the shape and height of the n… To ask for a taper or fade haircut, first decide where you want the fade to begin – high, low or mid. The men’s undercut fade shortens very quickly and suddenly, and then tapers gradually. For a long hair fade haircut as exquisite as this, part your hair in the middle and then give your longer front hair an impression of a cowlick style by raising them. Men can choose from a razor, bald or skin fade as well as temp, burst, drop, flat top (box) and high top variations. Just because wavy hair can be difficult to manage at times doesn’t mean guys can’t get a sweet cut. Shave the hair on the sides, and you are all set to go. Input your search keywords and press Enter. 8. With a slightly longer top than the buzz cut, the crew cut fade allows for some styling flexibility. And finally, the mid is somewhere in between. Between the different top men’s fade haircuts and the hairstyles that look good with a fade, you’ll find everything you need to know before your next visit to the barbershop! If the Ivy League or side part are getting boring, then apply some pomade and push your hairs toward the middle to create a faux hawk fade. The comb over is certainly one of the most recognized hairstyles. If you’re looking for the best fades online, we’ve compiled a collection of cool fade haircuts and hairstyles to help you learn the difference between high vs low, skin vs razor and classic vs. modern cuts. Low fades work best for office settings and traditional hairstyles, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring.

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