Nobody used the expression "Well nobody knows what they'd do in X situation" in those days, because everybody did, or at least had had drummed into them the ideal scenario response since childhood. ....and if it's naive to choose to not stereotype using a mere snippet of this NON-MUSLIM man's past to draw a conclusion on his psychosis...than naive is how I would prefer to remain. It is pretty amazing that a group of both men AND women didn't try to overpower this one madman. In Li's case, he was a recent convert to Christianity -- where it looks as though the church personnel were trying to help this, obviously, troubled recent immigrant from China, but the MSM made a big deal of this connection. "On the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Massacre, family members of the victims and other gun control advocates said it was shocking that the government was abolishing the gun registry. All this to say, I don't think it's fair, 20 years later, to say, "Here's what I would've done in their shoes." The shooter, Marc Lépine, né Gamil Gharbi, was born to a French-Canadian mother and an Algerian father. Wow! Just recently those men were recognized as WWII vets, with veteran's rights. He was the son of an Algerian, Rachid Gharbi, who was described as  “abusive and contemptuous of women.”. She hates Canada, but doesn't have the guts to leave. In fact there was a question on my high school english exam about this, which asked me to write about why all men are responsible. Coast Guard rescue personnel were on site in a very short time,and on board were two well trained S & R scuba divers. It was a long time ago now and nobody can 'do over' that day. Regarding the subject of default cowardice; we had an incident here on the West Coast a few years ago where a fishing boat, the Cap Rouge, overturned and four people were trapped inside.The vessel was upside down on the surface of Georgia Strait. This incident has been played to the hilt by the femmi-nazis over the last 20 years and frankly I'm sick of it! Stand up and be counted. Marc Lépine killed 14 young women at the École Polytechnique in Montreal 25 years ago today, then shot himself. I strongly doubt he would have done this had he been raised in a normal loving home. (Islam is also ANTI-Christian. Personally I believe that this silly debate about why all the 'hairy chested men didn't rush into rescue the damsel in distress as plain silly. Or Stalin. Well said! It was not his parents' fault. Maureen, that is a difficult call. It is as cold and impersonal and bloodless as the feminists who use it so effectively; it is almost perverse in its misuse and politicization as it is in its design. Here for example. He had a younger sister named Nadia. If that's sexist, too bad, and georgie boy can live with it or not. The coverage of this tragedy has been unending in Quebec today. In Western history (no doubt by design) Islam has been concealed by other names. His father, a mutual funds salesman, did not consider women to be the equal of men. I was so upset I wrote a letter to the editor of the Province,and to their credit,they printed it in whole, no editing. What we have bred in Canada with the feminization of our society and the I'm-not-to-blame-it's-not-my-fault-it's-his/hers, is a bunch of wimps, male and female -- and, most important, we have no set of mores or values, except the lie of "equal rights," to pull on to get us out of our moral morass. In the processm he screwed it up, and turned it into a single shot. During his absence, his mother Monique discovered evidence that her husband had been having an affair. Then, as if the gun were to blame, air heads are calling for a gun registry. Many psychiatrists believed that Lepine suffered from a narcissistic personality disorder, attachment disorder, and psychosis. You can't blame the boys for leaving when they were ordered out. Enter your email address to subscribe. “Spain: Muslim migrants pour concrete on memorial to victims of Barcelona jihad massacre”, And I wish just one student in that classroom had been carrying a concealed weapon. “Four men have been arrested after a memorial plaque was commemorating the École Politechnique massacre was vandalized.” These are the names of the four men: Ahmed Sido, Muhammed Nanaa, Abduallah Al-Mosuli, and Adnan Al Noumayri. "There is always an excuse for a lack of courage" - Albert Camus. Victory! I mentioned the difference in my letter,and ended with,"it's too bad there wasn't a Smoky Smith present on that terrible day". It's too bad they have tried to blame all Canadian men for this tragedy. He still hasn't apologized for libeling me at The Shotgun. we will not allow you to this! Sad...I well remember looking down the business end of a handgun many years ago.It was a totally unexpected shock in a totally unexpected situation where I was trying to help the perpetrator. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Parler (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Ditto (Opens in new window). The young man seemed cowed and ashamed that we had complimented him on his gentlemanly behaviour. Mischief under $5000? I believe one of them committed suicide later because of his guilt feeling. Because of that, he decided to legally change his name to Marc Lepine. I tried to stop a guy from running down skateboarders, with his truck(actually, I did stop him), and some bystanders grabbed me, and allowed the guy to kick me in the nuts. Dr. Hamid Tawfik, a Cairo born physician who describes himself as a former jihadist, is asked why he came close to becoming a terrorist. That is how these Jihad supporters view memorials to the victims of Islamic terrorism. I should also note that for the last 40+ years I've never been without a couple of knives on my person (unless I'm in that ultimate "gun free zone" past airport security and in the air where I feel most defenseless) and we also did lots of exercises to see how fast one could draw a folding knife out of a pocket and unfold it with one hand as well as throwing knives at random targets. I agree with you that there shouldn't be an emphasis on someone's religion/culture in only some cases but not in others. (Think Obama and his Chicago thugs: ANTI-Christian societies are turning out Obama clones at an alarming rate. My mind and focus became crystal clear at that instant of recognizing lethal danger and there was no doubt as to what I had to do,though I'm sure it was not a concious thought. I do not blame the men although if when they walked out they were walking by the shooter and he was looking elsewhere.... that is an opportunity lost. 1. No one else was immediately involved in the danger at this point...though my wife and kids were near enough to perhaps be in danger should I have fallen. Marc Lépine was a Canadian mass murderer from Montreal, Quebec who, in 1989, murdered fourteen women, and wounded ten women and four men at the École Polytechnique de Montréal, an engineering school affiliated with the Université de Montréal, in the École Polytechnique massacre, also known as the "Montreal Massacre". Heh...Western Canadian...a couple of times I forgot to duck, and accordfingly got shot.. And on one occasion I let a guy with a hidden knife get within 6 feet of ne...less than two seconds, he had me...too little time to draw and shoot. I'm not talking to you anyway. As Bruce pointed out, training is essential so one can react quickly in a situation like this. I absolutely did not like the tone of her post. It used to be that you could count on the people around you to do the right thing but now, you can count on them likely running away. Sadly, as it turns out, the guy was even sicker and angrier than they'd imagined. If I'd been too far away to take him I would have run and then tried to surprise him once I thought safe. He wasn't prepared for a conversation, he didn't want one, and he saw no need to have one. Moslems do not belong in Canada. His father was Rachid Liass Gharbi, an Algerian salesman. and CBC win particular will go to in order to hide the moslem connection. Jeepers, I wonder where father Rachid Gharbi got his contempt for women? She then goes on to say that the overall number of spousal homicides have remained the same, but gun related spousal homicides have decreased by 2/3rds. You say that as if the men were complicit in the killing. In 1982, Lepine joined a preparatory college in the Saint-Laurent borough. The "Montreal massacre" was a tragedy that should be put in perspective. The CBC did an interview with his mother; I forget if it lasted 30 mins or an hour, but NOT ONCE were the words ‘islam’ or ‘moslem’ ever mentioned. Instant political power. If I remember correctly the Ft. He was extending a courtesy - he was expecting at most a "thank you" or a nod to which he could have replied with a "you're welcome" or a nod. "Infinity squared": correct with your Dec 7th 11:26am comment. I bet that the word “hate” would be included in the charges and the use of the word mischief would not have appeared on the charge sheet. Why did the Jews not rush and kill the Nazis when they so vastly out numbered them in the internment camps etc etc etc. I'd never do that again. Those who don't have a real clue will take the easy way out and throw enough shit at the blame wall that some of it is going to stick on someone. Whereas when a psycho who commits a crime is Islam...the tone is....'well there you go...there's your answer'. How about deporting them? It was basically a religious form of teaching that instructs us to use violence with non-Muslims . When it happens its big news and the media is all over it and everybody with a pen in his/her hand has their two cents worth to contribute as to why - why oh why did this happen. His mother made him join the Big Brother organization, which provided mentors to teenagers. No - not a damned thing. You can't disarm, and emasculate the male population, then expect us to ride in and save the day. Adam Kelly portrayed Lepine in the drama The Anorak. Why is this never mentioned in the media? Bravery was the default setting. One of the S&R senior officers lamely said that it was dangerous down there and they did the right thing,but he didn't sound very convincing. Look, I'm not saying that I would be courageous and full of valour if I was in the situation those men were in, but one has to look at trends in order to make sense out of certain situations. . And if you believe that has anything to do with feminism, then I think your theory has a few flaws. Look what its followers do and notice how our ANTI-Christian civilization seems to be moving to a lesser place as well. ~bleep. The tone is far from what you've said. In school, many of Gmail's classmates teased him for being Arabic. “This fact, which I found crucial, was completely ignored by the police and by all those who wrote about this tragedy.”, Can we please stop using “tragedy” for these events and call them an “atrocity?”.

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