‘E Iva Pou o Leulumoega, Sefulu ia te oe. Les jeux de lettre français sont : In 1944, as the war situation eased and as politics in Western Samoa grew more tense, he carried out a long-deferred intention to discuss the matter on the spot with those most concerned. Malietoa Muagututi'a - also known as Malietoa Ti'a. Astuce: parcourir les champs sémantiques du dictionnaire analogique en plusieurs langues pour mieux apprendre avec sensagent. 9. The person of Fonoti refers to “Fulumu’a”, being part of his ceremonial greeting. They got so angry that they came to blows. They were eventually repelled by Malietoa Savea, a Samoan chief whose title, Malie toa (Brave warrior), was derived from the shouted tributes of the retreating Tongans. Reed. The others ran for their lives to their canoes and went to their forts and other places to make preparations for war. If no king is announced by the tumua, you are to be Tuiaana ave’au malaga and the words of the aualuma are to point to you. 17. (Field 1984: 131-132). Queen Victoria heard that William was ‘vy cross – declared Ld Salibury to be his enemy & that he won’t come to England while he is P.Miniter. Falefa District rewarded as King Fonoti’s city: Tulouna a oe faleatua (greeted you the house of Atua; the chiefs, Saluafata, Luatuanu’u. He was the leader of the MAU for Atua also in 1935 to his last year for the MAU Vaimoso 1942. Again the king spoke: Come, that I may determine our affairs so that your children and mine will fare well. (2.) A Malietoa Leafuitevaga is also mentioned at this point in some genealogies. The terms of the mandate have imposed on New Zealand the solemn duty of educating the Samoans to self-government and the terms of the Atlantic Charter express the same aim for the small nations of the world. The proclamation closed with this statement: “This is my word; everyone must obey it.” (1b. During the 1870s a civil dispute broke out between two of these families, dividing Samoa. Gray 1960: 99), On June 14, 1889, the Berlin General Act proclaimed the “independence and neutrality of the Samoan Islands” and provided for the recognition of Malietoa Laupepa as “King.” Another aim of this Act was “to avoid all occasions of dissensions between their respective and the people of Samoa” while at the same time “promoting as far as possible the peaceful and orderly civilization of the people.” (1a. A new appointment was made to the Office Of Administration. Malietoa Fuaoleto'elau - the biological son of Uitualagi who opposed his adoptive brother La'auli by setting up a rival government at Si'umu, 'Upolu. ‘O le a fai i la’ua ma Tulauniu o Atua, ‘Punefu o Atua, ‘To’oto’o o le Tuiatua! We are quite able to run our own affairs in Samoa; but obstacles had always been put in the way of such overseas contacts. POLITICAL REFERENCE: Hon Fonoti Mata’utia Ioane Brown of Lalovaea and Lotofaga Atua. Na ioe Tumua i le malelega a le Tupu o Fonoti e fa’apea; MUAGUTUTI’A; ‘O le a e alu ma lou Muagututi’a, ‘Ma lou Fuatino, ‘Ma lou Faumuina, ‘Ma lou Melegalenu’u. (1a. He was en route to Samoa from Saipan in the Mariana Islands, whence he had been exiled by the Germans. Malietoa Vaiinupo/Vainu'upo- born about 1765. Your aualuma is to be cared for by Leulumoega, and Fasito’otai and Fasito’outa are to protect them. Hempenstall 1978: 33), On September 16, 1901, Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Solf, Governor of German Samoa, issued a proclamation which forbade the Samoan custom of fa’atafea (banishment of wrong doers). Le Alofi, Tamasese lea. Paramount Title: Fonoti of Lotofaga-Hon Fonoti Mata’utia Ioane Brown. Tumua and Pule were for a time silenced, all decisions on matters affecting lands and titles were under the control of the Governor. He claimed that Malietoa held none of the titles, not even that of Malietoa, since none had been bestowed by Samoan custom. Hon Tualaulelei, They fought so hard with their heavy toa clubs that they killed each other. O lea sa ia manatua ai le fa’aeaea a Fenunuti ma Leatuavao le aiga a lona masiofo, e pei o le fetalaiga ‘E Manatua Pule Ae Le Manatua Fa’alaeo’. Whalers, pirates and escaped convicts apparently introduced themselves to Samoa well before the first officially recorded European arrival in the region. Driven westward from Aleipata, 'Upolu (where the Tu'i Tonga's birthday festivities were underway) to the coast of Mulifanua, the king and his bodyguards were cornered against the sea. Bryan 1927: 27), On April 21, 1881, Tupua Tamasese Lealofi I, Mata’afa Iosefo and other disaffected chiefs met at Leulumoega, ‘Upolu. Read more about this topic: Malietoa In early Polynesian history Tongan king Tu'i Tonga Talakaifaiki of the Tu'i Tonga dynasty ruled, around 1250 to 1300, over several western Polynesian polities including Lau group of islands (eastern Fiji), Niue, 'Uvea, Futuna, 'Upolu, and Savai'i). The newly Samoan flag was raised on the 1st June 1948. When Fonoti found out that his brother and sister had gained many followers, he went to Leulumoega where the dispute was being fought and sought the assistance of the High Chiefs and leading orators of other districts. Malietoa Savea is the ruler of Samoa and lived in an unknown period of time. ‘O le ala lea o le taumafa o Tau’iliili i le igoaipu o le Fetaia’imauso, au’a o le igoaipu na aumai i le Tupu ua mana’o iai. (1a. Each child was by a different mother, but Tuia’ana Tuiatua Faumuina before he died, he did not declare a decree for a successor to rule on the throne. ○   jokers, mots-croisés (The Kaiser had distinguished himself the year before by picking a quarrel referring to his uncle as the old popinjay, and going home early in a huff). United the paramount titles of western Samoa (Tuia'ana, Tuiatua, Gato'aitele, Tamasoali'i) and emerged as sole de facto monarch (tupu) and titular ruler (tafa'ifa) after decades of war, alliance formation and strategic chiefly marriage. Once again the elaborate political negotiation to raise any army began. The only reigning Baha’i monarch to live in modern times, the Samoan head of state called the Malietoa, led his nation from colonialism to freedom and independence.. This visit of the Prime Minister Peter Fraser to Western Samoa and his discussions with a special Fono in December “proved a Crucial Event in New Zealand’s Relations with the Samoans and in the Evolution of New Zealand’s conception of trusteeship”. Governor Solf visited Abarenda the next day and was saluted with 13 guns.” (1d. Oxford University Press. It concludes with the recognition of the great maximal descent groups of Samoa and their ’sons’ who had been chosen to hold the highest titles. Field, Michael (1984). Theroux 1985), On February 25, 1868, Malietoa Laupepa was proclaimed “King” of Samoa. Jouer, Dictionnaire de la langue françaisePrincipales Références. The oldest evidence of human occupation in Samoa is Lapita village, partially submerged in the lagoon at Mulifanua on the island of Upolu. Va’a o Fonoti Territory: consist of places of Faleapuna, Fagaloa areas, became the naval war fleet in Fonoti’s war of succession. I can unsubscribe any time using the unsubscribe link at the end of all emails. Ancient myths and legends say the first people descended from the heavens and gods to inhabit these islands, however, It is believed they came from Tonga. LA fenêtre fournit des explications et des traductions contextuelles, c'est-à-dire sans obliger votre visiteur à quitter votre page web ! The succession is currently being reviewed in court with no imminent consensus or leading candidate at this time. Malietoa Vaiinupo ia Fuataiotui poo Tumusa, le afafine o Papalii, faaee le gafa. I feel that the reason why perhaps we are mentioning the name of God so very often is because we are anxious that a Government of Samoa be founded in God, and I wish to say therefore to you Samoa well done indeed. The Mau leaders presented a letter which contained a list of questions regarding the status of their petition to the League of Nations, and their dissatisfaction with Judge Luxford’s verdict regarding the murder of Paramount Chief Tupua Tamasese Lealofi III on “Black Saturday” (December 29, 1929). There were – and still are – four paramount titles relating to four ‘aiga (extended families equivalent to royal dynasties), in what is now Samoa: Malietoa, Tupua Tamasese, Mata’afa and Tu’imaleali’ifano. To protect himself and make his dominion over the Samoans more complete, Talaifei’i enslaved the Samoan people and forced them to build forts and roads all around Samoa. Tupufia, means or referred to of his children that they all wanted to be King! 30. The Sa Natuitasina considers the Maota Pouvi (Taimalelagi's former residential grounds) to be their familial "headquarters" and their council house is also located in Sapapali'i, Savai'i. Malietoa Taimalelagi Natuitasina - son of Malietoa Fitisemanu I.

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