Anyone else experiencing the same issue? Spotify down? @SpotifyCares So I was having issues loading songs on Spotify, and decided to reinstall it. Someone is changing my password again and again. Uusually, no problem. Uusually, no problem. RT @lovtaetae4ever: @sceneryfortae @Spotify @SpotifyCares Hello @Spotify @SpotifyCares @SpotifyCares Yes. @jenshinoda Done that. Are you able to help? For example, a twitch widget that allows users to log in to their spotify account and have the streamer control what chat listens to. @youxeverything It's a cover and it's a Spotify glitch! @TIGERALG1 @AppStoreLovers @Lion3173901851 @blackriddler02 @TimSweeneyEpic @appfairness Microsoft? Can that be changed? Then another streaming session for yt on my phone . My internet cantload yt eh ☹️. @GabrielleGrand9 Thats what i do every night while working. the problem with the me vs my on repeat is that i am both ugly and i do not use spotify, @brn439 @SpotifyCares Appreciate the quick response! @Bangtson97 Anyone else experiencing the same issue? I just upgraded to the S20+ 5G. Tried turning autoplay on and off and it usually fixes it for a couple of hours but then it just stops again. @SpotifyCares Happens on my iPad too. Be the first to know the next time Spotify goes down. yeah i noticed it when trying to listen to it while in the car its greyed out. @SpotifyCares hello, it looks that there is a problem connecting to Sonos from Spotify. © Ookla, LLC. My broken headphones are connected to my laptop while streaming on Spotify, yt and apple music. They said that it was what made him so great because during the highs he had massive amounts of creativity and faith in his vision. Is it a sign of status symbol? That's what I've been doing for the past 2 months I connect my broken earphone to my laptop to stream on ytube in the background while working and connect my other earphone to my phone to stream on Spotify. Via is anybody else’s spotify downloads not working ?? @Spotify come on. Tried different device, etc. I have another question now: My account is stuck on "Premium Family" but I only need 1 account, so I should be on a student plan. @Spotify desktop version for windows? Tucked — 4,753,556(+42,61…, RT @lovtaetae4ever: @sceneryfortae @Spotify @SpotifyCares Hello @Spotify @SpotifyCares Spotify’s offline mode is trash. @SpotifyCares Been there. I've never had any issues before and I've sent ye a dm so like if you'd look at it and HELP ME PLEASE!!! When get done update game and login game server down hey I was doing stuff in game early I was waiting patiently chilling Vibin and music from Spotify, RT @VStreamTeam: ?Spotify Update? my @spotify desktop program is not working and im sad big time. It's not from BTS! @Trnhunht12 @SwipeWallet For only 300$ or so stacked, you have a card with very good perks on Spotify, Netflix ... AND cashback is in btc. @Spotify @SpotifyCares I'm facing some issues with my spotify account. Now, again Friday night, the issue is back again. During the lows he was able to find problems needed solving. @billieeilish 3- and 4-bar 4G connection is not enough in the NYC area. @duffisian @Spotify Been having this issue since Tuesday - been irritating me to no end, @Operezoso Spotify … @BooTaeBooTae @gokaisanyu @1001YouMustHear YouTube error. anyone else having an issue with Spotify playlist the same songs in the playlist like it’s on repeat but its NOT. Aubrey Drake Graham is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. @youxeverything It's a cover and it's a Spotify glitch! @FiveThirtyEight The audio on Spotify and Google podcast apps (Android) is not working, the web page audio worked. Also, Sonos flashes a message something like "Spotify connection keeps dropping" when I try to play on that. Probably hacked again. Seems like a very good time to go for it as the card is very competitive at that price. Apple music glitch Tucked — 4,753,556(+42,61…, @ws7wNa9omhQ6Jui And it also said that my email is not linked to my Spotify premium account. RT @perryscharts: Spotify Update — #Smile: @Trnhunht12 @SwipeWallet For only 300$ or so stacked, you have a card with very good perks on Spotify, Netflix ... AND cashback is in btc. has spotify been down for anyone else? Try closing spotify everywhere else. It's pretty annoying. Im so confused im trying to connect our living room speakers to my spotify so i can go stupid to beastie but it's not working.

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