This allows for the avoidance of display logic such as if (result.success == 1) {} else if (result.success == 0); in the javascript. From a program flow perspective it’s great though. Without the HTML the js has nothing to do. Triggering 15 event handlers on a constant parent (say, the form tag itself) is not exactly efficient, bubble up or no. On top of that, there is already a standard way to serve multiple documents in the same response. Sending data + html template + callback has just put the repeated display logic back into javascript hasnt it? I’ve been storing the callbacks in various js files and including them on page load. I would much suggest to obey the standards in this case. The idea that he’s presenting is more important. JSON is data that could be sent via AJAX but can be used for other purposes besides AJAX. The overhead of a HTTP-transaction is massive, compared to a dozen bytes. Her diskuterer vi også JSON vs AJAX nøgleforskelle med infografik og sammenligningstabel. I always keep my JavaScript outside of the body and use event bubbling, so I rarely run into issue with injecting straight HTML. In fact, since the network traffic is transferred in blocks, chances are that it makes absolutely no difference at all. xml vs multipart data) are somewhat irrelevant. Actually, if you pull the necessary data from the database and send it JSON encoded, without any sort of markup - you’re letting the users’ computer do all the rendering. This, at least in my opinion, is something to strive for. Talk to Google. JSON er hovedsageligt konstrueret et objekt, der repræsenterer nogle tilknyttede arrays. Further, I’ve never seen any other site tag a doctype onto the response. The third method is JSON, JavaScript Object Notation. $(‘dataTable’).update( html ); Currently, the way I handle ajax request is as followed: Essentially he’s transmitting two things: the processed HTML and a small amount of display logic about what the page should do with the HTML when it receives it. I use json for most responses but for if large html blocks are along for the ride I use XML instead with the structure, (The lack of an xmldoctype is intentional - prototype.js doesn’t need it to be included to properly parse it, so it is omitted to save space). It is primarily used to transmit data between a server and web application. This structure creates a transparency where PHP can update the whole page or only sections of it depending on the nature of the request. The biggest advantage of what you’re suggesting is actually in the code you didn’t demonstrate: the top layer of javascript. Yes, that is what I’m doing now. Than using Event bubbling to delegate via target. EventDispatcher maps the request to ProductUpdateEvent, ProductUpdateEvent updates cart state in database, queues SummaryEvent. . All Rights Reserved. AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Those get independent scripts as you’re doing now. Da det er en simpel tekstbesked med en defineret standardstruktur, så er det også let at analysere eller regenerere af ethvert maskinsystem ofte. I admit that I use method 1 up to this very day, however I have seen the light and will endeavour to use method 2 where possible in the future. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) og AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript og XML) er begge på en eller anden måde afhængige af Javascript-programmeringssprog, i det mindste begge to ringer fra JavaScript. JSON is a format which can be used by AJAX for data exchange. I feel my method works best (doesn’t every programmer though? The response consists of an HTML object and enough js to figure out what to do with it - rarely more than 3 lines. Det bruges hovedsageligt til forberedelse af interaktive websider, hvor AJAX-programmering sender en anmodning til serversiden via JavaScript (betyder klientside-programmering) og præsenterer en dynamisk visning baseret på svaret tilbage fra serversiden. JSON is referred to as the best data exchange format as of now. Without the js the HTML doesn’t know where to go. The JSON filename extension is .json. Det opretholdt hovedsageligt en gruppe arrays som et JavaScript-objekt, som let kan læses og tilgængeligt med ethvert maskinsprogsystem. And welcome to the world of parasitic computing, where you share the workload with the client. The technique is to place the event handler on an ancestor known to never be replaced. I like that idea a lot. JSON vedligeholdes hovedsageligt et åbent standardiseret åbent format i tekstbaserede data, som er såkaldt menneskelig læsbar for enhver form for dataudveksling. If I understand correctly, method 2 returns a useable object, as opposed to a slab of html text. JSON er et af formaterne, som også er meget populært at bruge i AJAX til dataudveksling mellem serversiden og klientsiden. Ok now you’ve lost me. JSON er hovedsageligt et simpelt almindeligt tekstformat, som hurtigt kan forstås af ethvert menneske, også meget let at interagere med enhver maskine, da det opretholder en fælles standardstruktur. In any event the XMLHTTP_Request object will try to interpret the document as an XML tree regardless of its actual type. All this logic can be handled by PHP where it is also dealing with the HTML generation code and is probably already checking that condition anyway. AJAX enables web pages to send data to and receive data from a server without changing or hindering the web page itself. You make an interesting point about being able to update more than one node on the page. Det sikrer hovedsageligt, at websider kan sende anmodningsdata og modtage kræver passende svardata fra serversiden, som let kan bruges til webdesign dynamisk uden at ringe til korrekt HTML-anmodning eller svar fra skærmen. In most languages, this is realized as an array, vector, list, or sequence. JSON is also having APIs, which automatically converts JSON into native structure. Rather than assigning an event to an element and at the same time defining how to deal with the response (before even knowing what the response is), the response can dictate what action should be taken. Repeating HTML generation code in javascript is a maintainability nightmare. Does anybody recognize or have experience in his way of doing this? It’s very flexible. Agreed. Efter at have modtaget de korrekte data overfører AJAX normalt det samme til DOM-elementet. That approach seems to much better serve persistent, AJAX driven paradigms than attaching listeners directly to items that will change. It might be trivial in terms of performance, but if you just used PHP to pull the data out of the database, JSON-encode it and send it to the user - you’re alleviating workload. Currently, the way I handle ajax request is as followed: What’s wrong with this methodology? Kenn. Jesse James Garrett, the one who coined the term, AJAX, lists the various technologies incorporated in AJAX: JSON is short for JavaScript Object Notation. Importantly the javascript section of the callback lives alongside the php section of the callback so they can be reviewed together. In which case every time they change the event handlers need to be updated and it just becomes a mess. AJAX er hovedsageligt populært at udfylde relaterede serversidedata i visningssiden uden at opdatere siden. which javascript receives and updates the correct node on the page. A large HTML response escape stringed into a JSON object is going to be larger than an xml tag with a CDATA tag - not to mention a hell of a lot harder to read when debugging. The only bypass would be to use a smarty-like template manager to copy the html blocks to json_blocks, but at that point you’ve reintroduced the work load you tried to dodge Blue, and then some as I guarantee any parser beyond addslashes is going to need to do a hell of a lot more work to reduce the html to a smaller json copy. I’m not sure if I’m describing this properly.

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