Interested farm work We don’t know where to start looking for a labourer or any other job. 4287 There are also some websites specifically dedicated to farm work but when checking these make sure they are reputable and won’t charge hidden fees. Your email address will not be published. But job searching can be confusing and exhausting, and there’s a few questions that always pop up when the topic of farm work is mentioned. how can I apply. It’s a lot of work, 70+ hour weeks at times, but excellent to save. Marlene. Please guide me. Paid by the hour and preferably down the east coast. Apples: Strip picking is generally $28-$35 per bin, colour picking is generally $33-$36, but for fragile varieties such as Golden Delicious it can be over $40 a bin. Here we share our best travel tips with the help of our favourite travel writers; such as where to find those authentic, soul-filled places, and the hottest hostels to stay in while you’re at it. Definitely don’t accept less, as this is backbreaking work. It is possible if I move with my family to Australia. Here you’ve got the choice between cherries, apples, peaches, wine and tobacco. < /td>, 4124 to 4125 Note: Excludes Melbourne metropolitan area, All of South Australia is classified as part of regional Australia, 6041 to 6044 Thanks. Grapes: Piece rate varies per season and variety- Crimson SP is between $1.80 and $2kg for 4.5kg, Sweet Globe is $2.30-$2.50 per 4.5kg, BB is $2.50-$3 per 10kg, while Sweet Sapphire is $3 per 10kg. You should also consider working in National Parks- it counts as regional work provided you’re working in something related to production. However, places on solar farms are super competitive and you’ll need your white card qualification.. Strawberries: Between $0.60 $0.80 per kilo, or roughly $2-$3 per tray. It’s the best place to look for recommendations if you don’t know anyone who’s already done their farm work. Remember these prices vary by season- when there is less fruit you get better pay. But don’t worry, with these tips you’ll soon be an expert; racing your tractor over vast Australian fields, herding cows through the Outback or collecting strawberries in the tropics. When applying, keep in mind how much time you have left as the process could take anything from a few moments to several months. I am Francis from Uganda. The most popular groups are Regional Farm Work Australia, 88 Days and Counting, and farm work Australia. 6055 to 6056 I’m sure you’ll find something that works for you; whether you’re an experienced handy-person or an absolute farm work newbie like me. For example for me, on our farm, there was 3-4 people making above the casual loading wage (out of over 100 workers) and everyone else was under- some people were making as little as $10 per hour. HY IAM GEZAHEGN IWENT TO APPLY FARM FORIN AUSTRLI.AM ETHOPIAN & I HAVE BA DIGRR IWILL LIKE TO AUSTRALIA, Hi, I’m Tom From Malaysia… I’m looking job in Australia as farm workers or others kindly please reply What might at first sound like hard work (and well, it kinda is) is later dubbed by many backpackers the ‘best time of their lives’. You can make 30000+ in the 3 months. Saya lahir September 1971. Gumtree is Australia’s go to website for finding anything online- from buying and selling cars, to finding jobs, to swapping items. 2328 to 2411 4211 Good day,am a Nigerian, a graduate and a pastor I will like to migrate to Australia with my wife and daughter,I would like to settle down in Australia with farm work, i am a graduate in Agriculture, (Animal science-Animal nutrition) looking for farm works. To extend your second working holiday visa you need to complete 6 months (179 minimum) in a regional area during your second year- with the same work criteria as the first year. 3658 to 3749 PK Jungle Village, Cape Tribulation- Chonic underpayment/unpayment of wages, Tolga Lodge, Tolga- Currently under investigation. 4522 to 4899 3778 to 3781 It sounds too good to be true, but it is possible in what are known as working hostels. Hello my name is Brister To’ona and I’m from the Solomons. Sunrise Backpackers, Sunshine Coast- check out my story here, it involves methheads and pesticides. 2536 to 2551 Australia’s regional areas are beautiful; you could get to live in the immediate surroundings of an incredible national park while also having enough free time to go and explore away from the beaten path. Piece-rate agreements like this are often dodgy, as in the average person gets extremely underpaid. On weekends and days off we were able to rent the hostel’s car and explore the area. 4133 4275 subClassification: Laboratory & Technical Services, Multiple positions for farm hands near Geelong and Ballarat, 2 Days per week, Ongoing, ASAP start, We are looking for a farm hand to join our team in Tolga Far North Queensland. I i am Phydelma from Kenya and i would love to work as a farm worker any where in Australia. Angeline and Bevan had to work very hard on their past. I am jacinto Abilio de jesus from East Timor, i want to work in the farm in Australia. Browsing through Facebook you’ll find several groups which might help you in your search, like Farm Work Australia or Backpacker Jobs in Australia. And as the website is financed by the government, you can rest assured that the offer is legit and you won’t end up anywhere sketchy. Finding a farm job comes with its efforts and rules, but everything pays off in the end, I promise! Facebook groups are another great shout, as sometimes  you simply don’t know anyone who has completed their farm work yet- even if you have found work, and you’re unsure of how reliable your farmer is, ask for advice- other people can steer you towards them/away from them. There is also lots of work around Alice Springs- great if you have the dream of seeing Uluru and the surroundings, and more off the beaten track places in the NT. The island of Tasmania has a climate similar to Ireland and the United Kingdom- It’s cold and wet during the Australian winter, but can have amazing summer days- not too hot, not too humid, but just perfect. So, if you’re staying in a hostel, go and ask your fellow travellers whether they’ve done their farm work yet. Oranges: $45 per bin minimum- any less and you’ll struggle to make a decent wage. Are there many places better to relax after a hard day’s work than a white, sandy beach on Australia’s East Coast? Camping trips, nights below the unbelievably starry sky, days spent at waterfalls, island hopping and a skydive with group discount were just a few of the experiences that made my time unforgettable. Harvest Trail is the government provided service to help farmers and workers connect. Pears: $36+ per bin, and aim for 3-4 bins per day if you are just starting. Tomatoes: Can be up to $60 per bin, but you need to be careful not to bruise them. Additionally, the service will answer all your questions around the topic of farm work and double-check for you whether farms you’ve found yourself are credible. Take photos regularly just in case- same as above. Regional and farm workers are entitled to the same minimum wage as anywhere else is Australia.

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