I’ve yet to read a single hot take, even on the most right wing sites, that has called this either reasonable or justified. One might argue the myopic focus on race is itself racist. "I didn't see a lot of peaceful protest out there tonight," said Belmar. In the wake of high-profile deaths at the hands of police, third-party consultants have yet again pioneered methods to capitalize. According to the FBI’s latest figures, American police struggle to make, “If you are convinced that the people you keep safe are actually the enemy, then your work as a police officer will proceed with that in mind,” said, , a professor of African and African-American Diaspora at the University of Texas at Austin. There are good cops, but you would rather generalize and hate as bad as any racist. PolicePR, a company which specializes in “unconventional” law enforcement public relations, offers to help departments with “damage control.” Police Social Media, an Arizona company, consults departments on how to use “Guerrilla tactics to fight lies, rumors & false narratives.” In California, there’s Cop PRotect, which according to a 2015 press release, was created due to the “national wave of anti-police sentiment” that followed the shooting of a Michael Brown, a Black man, by Darren Wilson, a white police officer, in Ferguson, Missouri. We believe that our country’s epidemic rates of firearm-related violence are coupled with a second problem: a shortage of information about the issue at large. Wouldn’t you grab a gun pointed at your face? ”. Or Brown is very slow. A plumber might have written the article, a person with no formal legal training, and yet have nailed it. It is the system that protects bad cops and empowers them. Protest Music In 2020: A Timeline George Floyd's killing at the hands of police sparked a wave of protest music. The Ferguson area had been largely quiet in recent days as the hot days of summer chilled into fall and the frigid snap that gripped the city in the days before the announcement. Cops, she said, “are the thin blue line. “Death, they are told, is constantly a single, small misstep away.”. Some programs can be booked only once an agency secures a minimum number of participants. Alain Stephens is The Trace's West Coast Correspondent. It is very thorough and lays it out in light of all the witnesses testimony and forensic evidence. In this case, that provision would be either Minnesota Statute, , which authorizes police officers to use "reasonable force" when they "reasonably believe" that they are "effecting a lawful arrest," or Minnesota Statute, , which authorizes police to use deadly force when necessary to protect himself or another from death or serious injury, or to prevent the escape of a person who the officer "reasonably believes … will cause death or great bodily harm if the person's apprehension is delayed. Awash in the spray of a sprinkler system, volunteer Jenna Fleischmann helps to clean up after violent protests damaged businesses following the grand jury announcement in the Michael Brown case on Nov. 25, 2014 in Ferguson, Mo. ”Cop PRotect gives cops like Darren Wilson… a trusted friend to tell their stories.”. Unlike in a case where a police officer shoots someone with a gun, the facts at hand will allow Chauvin to argue that he had no reason to think that he was putting Floyd's life in danger. 609.06 doesn’t apply because he had already been arrested. Now there is a name I have not heard for many years. There were immediate protests in St. Louis following the shooting. In October, organizers of “Ferguson October” protests marched to the Ferguson police headquarters and remained there for almost four hours to mark the amount of time Brown’s body was left in the street. There’s No Predicting Which Way the Jury Will Go. I even got him to reconsider no-knocks and such from a different angle and start thinking about things in a different way. On August 9, 18-year-old black teen, Michael Brown, was shot and killed by white police officer, Darren Wilson, in the Ferguson suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. “I am truly sorry for the loss of your son,” he said in a video posted online. Learn more about Friends of the NewsHour. It’s possible he’s going to use that threat, but it makes them very shitty witnesses, especially when one of those officers (maybe two) also helped put their body weight on Floyd when he went down. The probable cause narrative goes out of its way to note that another one of the fired officers, Thomas Lane, expressed concern about continuing to restrain Floyd face-down and suggested rolling him over, only for his suggestion to be shot down by Chauvin. Perhaps because of the witnesses saying Brown was attacking Wilson. Gov flat out says that there’s no need to in this case when asked about that by the press. “It’s not about killing, it’s about surviving,”. It's possible that he will present medical evidence to try to show that drugs or preexisting conditions, rather than his use of force, caused Floyd's death. Whatever they do it will be their choice, not the product of a justice system. This is our home. And according to the American Civil Liberties Union, the militarization of police has eroded public trust in law enforcement, particularly with Black and Latinx communities. Did you bother to read the article and see that he was referring to the actual legal arguments rather than emotions? Train them that their job is always to de-escalate, and to exercise the same kind of trigger discipline we demand of combat troops (they’re always way too quick to draw weapons and point them at people when there’s no obvious reason to.). How did Michael Brown’s family respond to the news? They planned to look into accusations that the shooting was racially motivated. Brown grabbed for Wilson’s gun while Wilson was still in the car and before he was pointing it at Brown. Subscribe to receive The Trace's roundup of the most important news and analysis on gun violence. Chauvin may well be guilty of manslaughter or even third degree murder, but let’s be clear here: Floyd was being arrested for legitimate reasons and he chose to resist arrest. Cops are just like us it has to be a REASONABLE fear of death or great bodily injury. “They are taught that they live in an intensely hostile world. No such system exists. In a legal system where more than 95 percent of criminal cases are disposed of by negotiated guilty pleas, it might seem like there won't actually be a trial of Derek Chauvin. #JusticeforMichael.". Several Ferguson businesses were torched and burned to the ground, including a beauty shop and a Metro PCS store. In the grand jury case against Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, the prosecution revealed that physical evidence weighed in Wilson’s favor and that he had not unlawfully shot 18-year-old Michael Brown to death. “Several other witnesses maintained their original statement that Mr. Brown had his hands int he air and was not moving toward the officer when he was shot,” McCulloch said. The speed with which Chauvin was fired and charged is a promising sign that Minnesota officials have a real desire—whether sincere or political—to hold him accountable for Floyd’s death. Wilson said that an altercation ensued when Brown attacked Wilson in his police vehicle for control of Wilson's gun until it was fired. Critics say the warrior cop mindset has had a particularly devastating effect on communities of color and the poor. In the wake of high-profile deaths at the hands of police, third-party consultants have yet again pioneered methods to capitalize. In October, a leak from within the grand jury suggested that there might not be enough evidence to convict officer Darren Wilson in the shooting. This legal framework defines the battleground on which the trial will be fought. On August 20, a St. Louis County grand jury began to hear evidence in the case. Some police officers pay for courses out of their own pockets.

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