Ellie may not have had a long screen time, but she made a significant impact on the watchers. We know that a real trip to the Neverland is near about impossible, but naming your daughter after one of the famous characters from “Peter Pan” is an excellent way to let your imagination take flight. [13], Diane married Ronald William Miller, who became president of Walt Disney Productions in 1980 and CEO in 1983, before being ousted by Roy E. Are you thinking of naming your child after a Disney character? Belle has an old-fashioned charm to it. We compiled a practically perfect list of Disney baby names based on some of our classic, and more recent, Disney character favorites. Jasmine means ‘jasmine flower’. The lovable fawn in Walt Disney's famous children's storybook and movie, Bambi. The meaning of Sarafina is ‘fiery one’. As the name of the wife of Zeus and the mother of Hercules, both name, and character of Hera denotes strength and wisdom. Tinkerbell's friends from Pixie Hollow suggest names for the more fanciful. Sarafina, the alternate and less common spelling of Seraphina, was borne by Nala’s mother in “The Lion King”. But the time is ripe to boost the popularity rankings of this name. But What’s Up With the Rest of the List? Whether you are looking for the name of a princess, a king, a protagonist, or a supporting character, here are 100 names for you to choose from. Get the lowdown on thousands of baby names right here — including meanings, origins, namesakes, celebrity babies, and Disney characters who share the same name. She is a pure-hearted soul who finds difficulty in coming out of her fairy tale ideals in the New York City. Swyrich Corporation, n.d. Flora means ‘flower’. Aladdin; Prince Adam, a.k.a. The name Elsa has been popular since the 1990s, but it broke the Social Security Administration chart after the release of the movie. The cheerful and opinionated crab, Sebastian in “The Little Mermaid” is the king’s servant and musical composer and, most importantly, Ariel’s loyal friend. Audrey Rocio Ramirez, the resourceful and tough engineer from the movie “Atlantis: The Lost Empire”, is totally opposite to the serene, chic, and radiant name she bears. That’s even before Minnie Mouse appeared on the scene. In fact, just the mention of Willow brings to mind the peaceful and elegant character from the movie. Cinderella means ‘little ashes’. Mary is the mother of all girl names (get it?). Famous “Friends” star David Schwimmer picked this name for his daughter. This old-fashioned female Disney character name has slowly, but steadily, come out of the attic. Great idea, right? Web. Dory originated as a nickname of Dorothy, but is now used as a first name by parents. He had two sons and two daughters;[8] his daughter Abigail Disney is a documentary filmmaker. And the rest will follow suit soon. Tell us in the comment section below. ; Patch – The noisy, rowdy pup in the bunch. Anna, a variation of Ann, has been sitting firmly in the top 25 baby name list for a couple of decades. The name Willow has shed its hippie aura and has been climbing the charts in the US steadily. Cleo means ‘glory’. Browse our full collection of baby girl names and baby boy names, or check out some Disney-themed baby name articles to help get you inspired. Not sure where to start? This moniker soared the popularity charts after the release of the movie and currently ranks in the top 100 baby name list. Kiara, the name of Simba and Nala’s daughter in “The Lion King”, has been a mainstay on the Social Security Administration list since the release of the film in 1994. Marian means ‘sea of sorrow’. So you’ll get the best of both the worlds with this name. Alice’s kitten, unfortunately, doesn’t get much attention, but we think her name is beyond beautiful. Also the name of the Roman goddess of gardens, flowers, and spring, this moniker is making a comeback, along with its elaborate form Florence. [1][unreliable source? Imagine if your future child answered to the iconic name of one of your favorite Disney characters. And it’s been rocking the charts, being one of the top 50 names for four years straight. Some notable namesakes of this name include Anita Denise Baker, the American singer-songwriter and Anita O’Day, the American jazz singer. Anita is the Spanish version of Anne and means ‘grace’. Now a favorite flower name everywhere from South America to Eastern Europe, Jasmine—also a plant known for its aromatic... Hawaiian: Generous one; Lilo was the tiny heroine in the Disney film Lilo and Stitch. Esmeralda, the name of the clever gypsy who befriended the Hunchback in the movie “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, has become hugely popular in the last ten years. If you’re a fan of “A Little Mermaid”, you’ll recognize this one as the name of the primary antagonist of the movie. The clumsy, but adorable regal blue fish that goes on an epic adventure to find Nemo along with Marlin has a name that’s loved by many across the globe for its nostalgic charm. Aurora means ‘dawn’. Evangeline from “The Princess and the Frog”, had Raymond, the firefly totally heads over heels in love with her. Charlotte means ‘free man’. The family name, originally d'Isigny ("from Isigny"), is of Norman French derivation, coming from the town of Isigny-sur-Mer.The Disneys, among others, descended from Normans who settled in Ireland around the 11th century. (Your future Disney fan will thank you.) Olivia means ‘olive’. This Hebrew name means ‘my father is joyful’. Dinah is a charming and underrated Old Testament name with a rich literary and musical resume. Here are a few ideas to get you started on brainstorming the perfect Disney baby name: If you’re really looking for a unique Disney baby name, try out these fun monikers: Which Disney baby name is your favorite? Nora means ‘light’. [ Read: Baby Boy Names That Mean Prince ]. There’s no one wiser than Pocahontas’ Grandmother Willow in the movie. If you want, you can even spell this name as Marion, just like Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker have named their daughter. This vivid and stylish name means ‘God will judge’. Jane is the active and adventurous lead of the film “Tarzan”. Anna means grace. Adella, the name of one of Ariel’s sisters, is one of the least used Disney-inspired baby names. Nala is a perfect name for girls of today’s generation. Jane means ‘God’s gracious gift’. The name dates way back to the Middle Ages and is connected to the Christian martyr St. Sebastian. In fact, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes also picked it for their daughter, probably because of the greatness set by the movie.

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