Darius therefore claimed that he was restoring the kingship to the rightful Achaemenid house. Ranks of Immortalsby dynamosquito (CC BY-SA). This and details of Darius' violent treatment of Gautama and the rebels are inscribed on a large relief at Bisitun (Behistun), in three different languages: Old Persian, Elamite, and Akkadian. 6,000 Persians fell, while the Greek army lost only 200 men. According to Darius's version of events, the "imposter" Gaumata arrived after Cambyses' death and claimed the vacated throne. Books The most important primary sources, that tell us about his life and reign, are his inscriptions, the most famous example being the trilingual inscription, in Akkadian or Babylonian, Elamite, and old Persian, carved on the Bisitun (Behistun) rock relief from the village of the same name and from his palace at Persepolis. Completed the first version of the Suez Canal, leading from the Nile to the Red Sea; Was renowned for innovations in water control, including an extensive set of irrigation canals and wells known as qanats throughout his empire; Was known as a law-giver when serving as the king of Egypt during the. "From long ago," said Darius, "We are princely, from long ago our family was royal. The two opposing armies met on the fields of Marathon in 490 BCE. The march halted around the banks of the Volga river and then headed towards Thrace, where Darius ordered his general Megabyzus to subjugate the region. During his reign, Darius undertook impressive construction projects across the empire. In 513, after subduing eastern Thrace and the Getae, he crossed the Danube River into European Scythia, but the Scythian nomads devastated the country as they retreated from him, and he was forced, for lack of supplies, to abandon the campaign. The Greeks took advantage of this situation; as the two armies approached each other at a casual pace, the Greeks suddenly broke into a sprint. Much of this unification was achieved through building upon the administrative reform program begun by Cyrus the Great to fit the needs of the expansive empire. This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon this content non-commercially, as long as they credit the author and license their new creations under the identical terms. Ancient History Encyclopedia, 10 Apr 2017. Darius the Great was an Achaemenid ruler noted for his administrative genius, his great building projects, and his benevolence toward the diverse peoples under his sovereignty. The satraps of Asia Minor completed the subjugation of Thrace, secured the submission of Macedonia, and captured the Aegean islands of Lemnos and Imbros. After a few hours of battle, the Persian ranks broke, many of them running towards the safety of the ships or to the nearby mountains. Ancient History Encyclopedia. Darius was born in c. 550 BCE, the oldest son of Hystapes and Rhodugune. Related Content Being unable to settle the matter at hand, all of them agreed on a contest, where the winner would take the throne. Envoys were sent to Sparta, but after gathering allies, the Greek force was still only 10,000 strong, facing 100,000 Persians.

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