Hammer usually was able to provide at least a dozen lines on the lives of each of these solders. They brought the platoon back with all wounded and dead. He requested the appointment of four Brigadiers to command under him, and upon his recommendation, indorsed by Generals. Each man obeyed orders, stood his ground, and shot to hit, and proved himself worthy of the number he wore upon his cap. Doha is a large logistics base with a working population of over two thousand personnel – US Soldiers and airmen, and both US and Kuwaiti contract personnel. Depot on the North Canadian, at the junction of Beaver Creek. Douglas A. MacArthur had a long special affinity for the cavalry. On 10 October 1965, in Operation “Shiny Bayonet”,the First Team initiated their first brigade-size airmobile action against the enemy. Training, discipline, determination and ingenuity had won over suicidal attacks. South of the village, the direction from which the attack was made, ran a high perpendicular bank over which it was impossible to take cavalry, and which was lined with the Nez Percés warriors completely concealed from view. And the old native American ghosts can rest in peace. The 1st Squadron, 9th Regiment reconnoitered ahead of the convey and along both sides of the road, searching for potential ambushes. In January 1991, the division was attached to VII(US) Corps and the focus of the First Team clearly began to shift toward offensive action. Its mission, under the direction of Modern Army Selected Systems Test, Evaluation and Review (MASSTER) was to carry on a close identification with and test forward looking combined armor, air cavalry and airmobile concepts. Stopped at Seoul, on 15 May, the Chinese attempted a go around maneuver in the dark. At that time the heavily populated province of Binh Thaun was almost totally under the power of two Viet Cong Battalions. Of course it was but a question of time; encumbered with the led horses ; provided with an inferior arm ; the Indians not only twelve to one, but each of these twelve firing at close quarters five shots to every soldier's one, the end was soon reached. This was the first blood drawn in the campaign under McClellan. Forty five pieces of artillery were also taken. It would not be until the end of the Gulf War and subsequent reorganization of 11 August 1993, when the 4th Battalion, 6th Infantry, 2nd Armored Division would be reflagged as the 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment and assigned to the 3rd “Greywolf” Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, filling out the present organization structure. 4 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. “Garryowen,” an Irish drinking song with a marching cadence, is to Native Americans what “Deutschland Uber Alles” is to Jews, a hated reminder of the evil past. On 16th November, 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry, having seventy-nine men killed and one hundred-twenty one wounded was ordered back to the rear for reorganization. Leaving Fort A. Lincoln in July we find the expedition at Custer Park—near the present site of Custer City, S. D.,—on the last day of the month. After a series of temporary stations, a permanent duty station was established at Camp McGrath, Batangas Province. On 12 December 1952, the 7th Regiment, the 77th Field Artillery Battery and Battery “B”, 29th Antiaircraft Battalion sailed for Pusan to relieve the 8th Regiment who had previously rotated back to Korea. As the band played the rousing strains of “Garryowen”, the colors of the 1st Cavalry Division were moved onto the field. Cavalry companies accounted for 20 percent of the total number of company sized organizations. The Indians were led by Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull, but the young braves seemed to have attacked impetuously and with little planning. On the morning of the 27th General Terry, with Gibbon's column, arrived on the battle-field and discovered Custer's fate. The new regiment was first designated in orders as the "Eighth Cavalry," but the figure eight subsequently gave place to the cabalistic number—seven. On 24 November 1890, troops of the 7th Regiment left Fort Riley and traveled by rail to join key regiments in the history and development of the 1st Cavalry Division, the 8th Cavalry the 9th Cavalry Regiments and the 6th Cavalry Regiment at Wounded Knee, South Dakota. In 1855, Chief Joseph’s father, Old Joseph, signed a treaty with the U.S. that allowed his people to retain much of their traditional lands. He participated in the battle of the Wilderness in 1864, and on 09 May, under General Sheridan, he set out on the famous raid toward Richmond. In November the regiment was relieved from duty in the field, and after detaching two troops to establish a cantonment on the present site of Fort Meade, S.D., returned to its former station. On schedule, by mid September over 800 heavy loaded vehicles were loaded at the Fort Hood railhead to make the trip to the seaports of Houston and Beaumont. On 26 July, three weeks later, the division arrived at Brisbane and began a fifteen mile trip to their new temporary home, Camp Strathpine, Queensland, Australia. Over the next five years, until the outbreak of the Korean War, the regiment was able to perform many valuable duties and services that helped Japan reconstruct and create a strong, viable economy. As a result, when Custer again encountered Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse at the Little Big Horn River three years later, his greatest fear was that they would withdraw before he could attack, and he rushed in without proper reconnaissance. First, Kuwait had been part of the Ottoman Empire from the 18th century until 1899 when it asked for, and received, British protection in return for autonomy in local affairs. The train carrying the second squadron of the Seventh Cavalry, and Capron's battery of the 1st Artillery, collided with a passenger train, running at full speed, when within a short distance of Fort Riley. At Cairo, the regiment changed to overland rail and headed into the winter weather of the northwest. The 7th Cavalry Band played “The Girl I Left Behind Me”. On the 30th December, 1890, the Major General commanding the army telegraphed to the Major General commanding the forces at Pine Ridge, asking him to thank the "Brave Seventh Cavalry for their splendid conduct.". This type of duty did not last for long. After this increase there were 10 regiments of cavalry, 5 of artillery, and 45 of infantry. The deception worked, in that it tied down four Iraqi divisions, leaving their flanks thinned and allowed the VII Corps to attack virtually unopposed, conducting a successful envelopment of Iraqi forces to the west. The North Koreans were 25 miles away when elements of the 1st Cavalry Division swept ashore to successfully carry out the first amphibious landing of the Korean War. Ghosts of Fallujah (written by Coley D. Tyler) is a first person account of the Second Battalion, Seventh Cavalry’s participation in the Second Battle of Fallujah, the largest single engagement of the Iraq War and the largest urban battle since Hue in 1968. This was called the hostile camp. The Eight Army moved slowly and methodically, ridge by ridge, phase line by phase line, wiping out each pocket of resistance before moving farther North. When the Cheyennes found that their scheme of joining the Sioux was frustrated, and that the gateways to the North was held by troops, they broke up into small parties so that they might sneak through the line. Now, it is played no more by descendants of the 7th Cavalry forces. On 13 February 1967, Operation “Pershing” began in a territory which was familiar to many skytroopers, the Bong Son Plain in northern Binh Dinh Province. Arriving in the States, the regiment returned to the southwest and on 23 December 1915, was stationed at Camp Henry J. Jones, Arizona. The regiment carries with it a noble record of faithful services and gallant deeds. Desert Storm’s “First” major ground encounter was on 19/20 February 1991, when the division’s 2nd (Blackjack) Brigade attacked 10 miles into Iraq, confirming and destroying enemy positions. It was June 28, 1876, two days after the Battle of the Little Bighorn when the surviving officers and soldiers of the 7 th U.S. Cavalry began the gruesome task of burying their fallen comrades. In the fall of 1983, the division deployed to Europe for the annual REFORGER exercises. When the rebels fell back to Appomattox, Custer had the advance of Sheridan’s command, and his share in the action is well described in the entertaining volume entitled; “With Sheridan in His Last Campaign”. The Winter Campaign had been waged successfully against the Cheyenne in the Oklahoma Territory. On his way to Little Bighorn in 1876 – the last time he was ever seen alive – his band played “Garryowen” as they passed out of sight of their fort for the last time. After this Custer went with the Army of the Potomac to the Peninsula and remained with his company until the Army settled down before Yorktown, when he was detailed as an Assistant Engineer of the left wing, under Sumner. The First Team Soldiers flew from Robert Gray Army Airfield to Dhahran International Airport via Paris, France and Cairo, Egypt. All doubt was erased with the surprise of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. On 16 June 1926, a Provisional Squadron (Headquarters Detachment, Troops “C”, “E” and “F”) from the 7th Cavalry Regiment departed Ft. Bliss by rail for the Crow Indian Agency, Montana to participate in the Semi-Centennial celebration of the Battle of Little Big Horn.

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