In a king and pawn against king ending the opposition is a key technique for the attacker. Are you excited about Puzzle Rush? By understanding these advanced endgame ideas you will start winning your endgames! This module contains 130 challenges that cover all common checkmates and most uncommon checkmates that occur regularly in middlegame positions and sometimes in openings. This situation is called zugzwang. SUBSCRIBE TO THE GRANDMASTER PACKAGE Set your sights on the king and overwhelm his defences, Win more games with beautiful chess combinations. Improve your endgame play with these winning techniques. and you get lessons for high performance Forcing zugzwang is an important technique to winning endgames, and can be used in the middlegame as well. Indeed, all chess lessons without exception should be studied on an actual board: openings, strategy, tactics, endgames, or annotated games. If you are looking for an active answer against 1.d4 (and almost everything except 1. e4) - you should watch the course that explains the most important ideas of the Tarrasch Defense. The London System offers good attacking chances with little risk or deep theory. After the opening, you need to have a good position, with a healthy pawn structure and active pieces → study chess opening lessons. Rooks are not particularly effective at stopping passed pawns. - Evan B., USA. I've improved more in the last year than I have in the five years prior." - Daniel M. "I raised my elo from 2164 to 2241 (and finnish elo from 2157 to 2257) during this summer … Indeed, all young, modern grandmasters study chess over the board. Love online chess and want to play a tournament? This is when the two kings oppose each other one square between them. That's great! Join Grandmaster Alex Delchev on a tour of each line of the Scotch and be ready to try it out in your own games! Pawn Endings from Beginner to Expert - IM Eric Tangborn & FM Thomas Wolski. If you have ever felt lost or without a plan in an endgame, you are not alone. It's important to keep the rook as active as possible and have it work well together with your king. "Exclusively Checkmates" provides a series of simple checkmate problems. Follow a guided study plan to learn openings, endgames, strategy and tactics. Often the opposition is the difference between winning or drawing a king and pawn ending. Win more games with beautiful chess combinations. A rook endgame is one of the most common ways a game can end. "I'm nearly finishing the GM chess course...I'm also chess teacher and I have never found better chess material for improving chess level." The Semi-Slav is one of Black's best counter-attacking options against 1.d4. Thousands of chess players are hooked on this incredibly fun and fast-paced tactical training on The Sicilian Sveshnikov is a sharp variation in which Black accepts a backward pawn in return for active pieces and complicated play. GM Simon Williams, a tactical whiz himself, shows some of the common themes in Puzzle Rush challenges. Take a look and get to playing this fun opening right away! If you remember how to handle them you'll enjoy chess more and score more victories. With the 100 challenges in this module, Tangborn & Wolski cover king and pawn endings thoroughly. One bishop can blockade all squares on a diagonal and the opposing bishop can't help. ... 5 Lessons … "Step Up in Tactics" presents exercises, both checkmates and tactical, which are somewhat more difficult than the material covered so far. Pawns play important roles in all phases of the game, but it's in the ending that it becomes obvious they are the stars of the show. There's no extra prize for winning quickly. The Scotch is an opening full of traps on both sides of the board, and if you play it you need to know how to spot them. This is a great opening if you enjoy imbalances, opposite-side castling, and if you need to play for a win as Black. Team ... 130 Lessons . In the middlegame opposite colored bishops give each side an extra attacker. "Intermediate Tactics" presents tactical exercises that are significantly more difficult than those seen up to this point. Doing all that better than … much due to your program." If you want to get good at chess and not at computer games, you need to study chess over the board. Furthermore, Garry Kasparov also insisted on the importance of studying everything on the chess board, not on the screen. In chess you can't skip your turn, which means sometimes you can reach a position where someone must make a disadvantageous move. In conclusion, study and solve chess problems over the board with real pieces. Join us and pump up your Puzzle Rush score. Definitely, computers and internet do help with their databases and powerful engines. In the above brief presentation, you can observe that most of the actions during the game are strategy-based. Almost every chess player struggles with the endgame until they learn the important endgame principles in this course! following a structured chess training program. White gets a space advantage, but Black frequently gets a powerful kingside attack in a blocked position. However, technology should be used to assist us, not replace our analytical thinking and such hinder our progress. - William M. "...200 point increase (after 3 months) in my chess rating (and a larger increase in my online rating). Advanced Endgames. In endgames with king and pawn against a king and rook, the side with the rook must use the king to help the rook in order to win. A key endgame technique is the opposition. Nearly all of the positions come from actual games, and the various themes are repeated from simple to more complex examples. Make the most of each piece by finding its best square. "Basic Checkmates and ...." presents some of the most common checkmating patterns and a few other basic concepts. For such an objective, you need to beat chess masters more than half of the games. For performance, after a break you can start over. Let's say you want to become a chess master. Improve your endgame play with these winning techniques. CHESS COURSE OVERVIEW », "Your program is good. Learn how to play the Ruy Lopez Marshall Attack for both White and Black. Doing all that better than a master, you have a good chance to become one.

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